books on my shelf

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1) The Hummingbird Bakery

2)Cook with Jamie

3)Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes ("Australian Women's Weekly")

4)How to be a domestic goddess. Nigella Lawson

Baked fennel

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Milk chocolate cookies

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Now these were a personal favourite, the brown sugar added a caramel type taste and soft texture that i had previously dreamt of having. the chocolate chunks were to die for. it was very cakey. all of which i found very satisfying.

blueberry muffins

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Blueberries are a favourite in my family so for a bit of a family reunion i felt some baking with the interesting fruit was a must.
My muffins are still very much a work in progress in terms of appearance - sometimes they do not reach mountanious proportions. Topped with some vanilla sugared blueberries they were a refreshing treat.

pretty please chocolate cupcakes with a cherry on top

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I have been complimented that these cakes are a work of art and I must boast that i was garnishing with a pretentious flick of my wrist as if i had a paintbrush in my hand, standing back to admire my masterpiece i felt very creative.

The chocolate cakes were relatively light ass i used milk chocolate as opposed to dark, topping with melted chocolate and then organic cherries.

vanilla cupcakes topped with cheesecake frosting and crumbled brownies

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These were a self inspired jewel of a cupcake adorned with some muddy coloured gems of their own. Having made a plain vanilla cake mix, I wanted to spice the cakes up a bit so added a mess of crumbled left over homemade brownies- the result- mouth watering.

The lightness of the cake contrasted by the highly rich topping was fantastic and i love the photo capturing the almost red tint in the brownies


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As a white chocolate lover, i cant bake some rich dark chocolate brownies without accompanying with its somewhat paler counterpart- the blondie.
So much lighter than the traditional brownie, they are a refreshing change and popular with children.

brownie cake

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My mother referred me to a wonderful chocolate brownie cake recipe that makes the most delicious brownies. These go down a treat, in fact they barely last a minute once baked, however if the brownie fans can wait it is well worth it as when over a day old the outside is that bit crumblier and the inside dense and moist and best appreciated in this state.

apricot and white chocolate cookies

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These tasty bites are an interesting eat and well worth an experiment. You cannot help but feel you are being healthy somehow when eating these perhaps it is as i bought the dried apricot from a health food shop!

I was complimented these cookie were like a well known cookie shop chain, the consistency was pleasing. The combination of apricot and white chocolate inspiring.

chocolate chip muffins

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Just wonderful! these had a beautiful crusted top and underneath the slight dryness and doughyness required for a muffin. Were much liked however eat with a glass of milk as they do have that dryness!

syrup cup cakes with vanilla sugar frosted blueberries

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These were an experiment, I like a cake to have nice decorations so wanted to make a rich cake in which i added molasses (so yes a very rich cake) to sit under my sugar dusted blueberries.

butterfly cakes

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I love butterfly cakes, they have a frivolity that reminds me of my childhood so when cooking for a younger crowd i opt for these delights.
Better dusted with icing sugar however i ran out.