coconut cake with homemade banana jam

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the idea of banana cake drenched with some coconut milk icing is known however i wanted to turn that on its head with a coconut based cake with banana jam instead as there is no doubt the flavours agree with one another. Eaten alone- it is sweet, puddingy and decadent enough- is charming.

I got my oh so tasty jam recipe from the below link

Bean salad

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tomato, bulgar, sweetcorn and onions

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Coffee and walnut cake

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The favourite cafe cake. I used an ordinary coffee sponge recipe for this-using Mary Berrys latest book. I had about 25g of almonds left and so added that to the mix, leaving out a bit of flour.

eton mess cake

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I thought up this one (im sure it has been done before!) in a moment of panic and am rather pleased with it.

Chocolate fruit cake

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Made this for my boyfriends birthday at the end of this week after he recently enquired as to whether i had ever seen a chocolate fruit cake, well here it is!

victoria sponge cake

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Time for an old classic. Just eaten a peice now and if i say so myself was delicious

vin santo cake

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dessert wine is a nice treat every now and then, provided you are eating dessert also :o) i followed a recipe to add it to dessert.

caramelised onion and gruyere foccacia

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I decided to attempt some bread and bread that does not require much rising being as last time i made bread it resembled a pancake.

A fan of a bit of sweetness to a savory dish i had to garnish it with some caramelised onions and gruyere. Surprisingly it did rise! yay!

White Chocolate and Rasperry sponge with chocolate chunks

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We all know rasperry and white chocolate harmonise one another the sharp and the smooth milkiness. I wanted to shake that up a bit and add in some dark chocolate chunks in the sponge.

Topped with a bit of my raspberry jam.

Apple and blackberry crumble cake

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A step on from the previous lovely apple and blackberry crumble is a cake of this type.
Lovely served warm with cream or ice cream.

Apple and blackberry crumble

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I hand picked the berries and apple with my father on a lovely Sunday afternoon and what better to bake than a crumble with the two.

Raspberry jam

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Still waiting for it to cool down a bit but here it is.......

only made a small amount to add to a cake.

Irish apple cake

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My Irish ancestory must have screamed out to me to bake this one, an Irish bramley apple cake with a touch of cinnamon. I loved the sourness the bramley added, a nice dense, doughy consistency for the cake- the idea is it is more of a pudding. Topped with some vanilla sugar and cinnamon again and some cream is lovely with this.

banana and toffee blondies

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Again a twist on the original brownies using white chocolate instead, adding two bananas and some toffee. Any banoffee fans will love it. The white chocolate gave the cake a lightness it would not have had otherwise, contrasting to the heavy counterparts- the dominant banana taste with the moistness it adds and the sweetness of the toffee.
This is one upturned- just look at those bananas

and look at this toffee